Quality Improvement & Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys

Darwen Healthcare prides itself on the quality service it endeavours to provide to our Patients. However, we are not complacent and carry out our own surveys to get the patient perspective on how they perceive we are performing. These are undertaken in conjunction with our Patient Participation Group and you can see the results on their webpage https://www.darwenhealthcare.co.uk/ppg-annual-surveys 

In addition the NHS carries out a National Patient Survey and sends these out to a random selection of Patients who are registered with the practice, we have no control or say on who receives the surveys. The are carried out Annually and you can see all the results on their website at https://gp-patient.co.uk/report?practicecode=P81051 

We also monitor the results and look for ways we can improve where the survey says we are below average, fortunately there are not many and we are usually within the top 10 performing practices in the area. We monitor the results year on year to ensure we are being effective in responding to the results. You can see the results by downloading the leaflet below

GP Survey Comparison 2020 vs 2019 v 2018.pdf