Referrals to Hospital Services

Referral to Hospital Services

When you have been referred to Hospital Services either for clinics or to see a specialist the responsibility for that episode of care is transferred to the Hospital. At present GP practices do not have access to your hospital records and just receive copies of any correspondence that you will also have received.

If you have any queries regarding your appointment with the hospital you need to contact the number on your correspondence. Once the hospital discharges you from their care back to your GP we will then have full details of their recommendations and will review the any correspondence they send.

If you have been given a prescription by the consultant or clinician you saw at the hospital you will need to obtain that medication from the hospital pharmacy, you cannot take the prescription to a local chemist.

If you have any queries regarding your referral detail then please contact the medical secretaries on 01254 964640 opt 7 and leave a message on the voice recorder,  alternatively you can email the secretaries on


Requesting a Referral to another Service

If you would like your GP to consider a request to a specialist NHS provider then please complete the form at this link Referral Request Form

Please note that request to be referred to a non NHS provider my incur costs both for the referral and any subsequent treatment from the provider